Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium

What is Beyond 5G?

Beyond 5G is the next generation of mobile communication systems, the next generation after 5G, with features that contribute to the creation of sustainable and new value, such as ultra-low power consumption, ultra-security and reliability, autonomy, and scalability, in addition to the further advancement of 5G's characteristic features such as high speed and high capacity, low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections. It is the next generation of mobile communication systems after 5G.

What is Beyond 5G?


Beyond 5G Promotion Strategy - Roadmap to 6G - (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)
Beyond 5G Promotion Strategy (Outline) (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)

About us


Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium aims to achieve the early and smooth introduction of Beyond 5G and to strengthen the international competitiveness of Beyond 5G in order to realize the strong and vibrant society expected in the 2030s.


The Consortium consists of the General Assembly and its subordinate committees, the Planning and Strategy Committee and the International Committee.

The activities of each committee are as follows:

  • Committee for Planning and Strategy:
    • Study of comprehensive strategies to promote Beyond 5G
    • Preparation of Beyond 5G White Paper

  • International Committee:
    • Identifying international trends for promoting Beyond 5G
    • International dissemination of the status of Japan's efforts

Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium


President GONOKAMI Makoto President, RIKEN (Institute of Physical and Chemical Research)/
Professor, the University of Tokyo
Vice-President II Motoyuki President and Chief Executive Officer,
MIYAKAWA Junichi President and Chief Executive Officer,
SoftBank Corp.
SAWADA Jun Chairman,
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
TAKAHASHI Makoto President,
KDDI Corporation
TOKUDA Hideyuki President,
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT)
TOKURA Masakazu Chairman,
KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation)
YAZAWA Shunsuke President,
Rakuten Mobile, Inc.
YOSHIDA Susumu Chairman,
The Fifth Generation Mobile Communications Promotion Forum (5GMF)

*Alphabetical order

Purpose of Establishment

Mobile communication systems are evolving from a communication infrastructure to a lifestyle infrastructure over the course of generations. The fifth-generation mobile communication system (5G), which is being introduced in many countries, is expected to evolve into a social infrastructure that goes beyond the infrastructure of our daily lives, and the next generation, Beyond 5G, is expected to play a central role as the backbone of Society 5.0 by integrating cyberspace with the real world (physical space).

Society 5.0 will come with a paradigm shift of the entire socio-economy to a knowledge-intensive society, where real-time data will be available to all people safely and without impact on the global environment. In this context, real-time data must be made available to all people safely and without any impact on the global environment.

In order to achieve the early realization of Beyond 5G, which will play a key role in the social infrastructure after the shift, and to strengthen international competitiveness, the "Roundtable Meeting on Beyond 5G Promotion Strategy" held a series of discussions and summarized the future promotion policy for research and development strategy, intellectual property/standardization strategy, and deployment strategy, which was published as the "Beyond 5G Promotion Strategy" in June 2020.

In order to strongly promote this strategy, we must envision the future society beyond the framework of existing fields and organizations, and take immediate actions to achieve it. Therefore, the "Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium" was established as a forum for industry, academia, and government to share information on the latest international trends related to specific initiatives and research and development to be implemented based on each strategy, to discuss how to promote initiatives for the early realization of Beyond 5G, and to disseminate the status of Japan's initiatives related to Beyond 5G internationally. The "Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium" will be established as a forum to share information on Beyond 5G among industry, academia, and government, and to discuss how to promote efforts toward the early realization of Beyond 5G.

December 2020, Founders
  • GONOKAMI Makoto (30th President, the University of Tokyo)
  • MORIKAWA Hiroyuki (Professor, the University of Tokyo)
  • FUJIWARA Hiroshi (Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, BroadBand Tower, Inc.)
  • IIZUMI Kamon (Governor of Tokushima Prefecture)
  • KIMURA Tamayo (Director General, SHUFUREN (Association of Consumer Organizations)
  • NEMOTO Katsunori (Senior Managing Director, KEIDANEWN (Japan Business Federation))
  • SHINOZAKI Akihiko (Professor, Kyushu University)
  • TAKEMURA Emi (Co-founder and Advisor, Peatix Inc.)
  • TOKUDA Hideyuki (President, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT))
  • UCHINAGA Yukako (Board Chair, Japan Women's Innovative Network (J-Win))

Rules and Regulations

Articles of Association of Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium

1 This consortium shall be named “Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium”.

2 The objective of this consortium is to get ready the mobile communication system following Fifth Generation Mobile Communication System (Sixth Generation Mobile Communication System; hereinafter referred to as 6G) which is expected to be realized in around 2030, with the goal of thereby contributing to the sound development of the use of telecommunications.

3 This consortium works to achieve its objective through participating in the following activities:

(1) Engaging in research & development concerning 6G, as well as research and study pertaining to standardization thereof;

(2) Collecting information on 6G and exchange thereof with other organizations;

(3) Acting as a liaison and coordinating with related organizations concerning 6G;

(4) Promoting education and awareness about 6G;

(5) Any other activities necessary to achieve the objective of this consortium.

4 Members of this consortium have agreed with the objective of the consortium and have submitted an application for membership. There are three categories of membership:

(1) Ordinary member: A corporation or organization (except Special Members);

(2) Individual Members: Academics or researchers;

(3) Special Members: Ministries, local government, or organization and individual deemed particularly necessary to the performance of business thereof by the president of the consortium.

5 A person who intends to become a member shall submit a membership application form to the consortium, and then the person can become a member upon approval of the chairman.

6 The annual membership fee of the consortium is free for the time being.

7-1 Members of the consortium who intend to withdraw shall notify the President of the consortium beforehand.

7-2 When a member does not comply these articles, defames the consortium, or is found to be true to one of the followings, the consortium may dismiss such member:

(1) Corporations (refers to an individual, a corporation or organization) is an anti-social force or an officer of the corporations is an anti-social force;

(2) Officers use an anti-social force with the purpose of achieving improper profits of its own or third party, or with a purpose of making damage to a third party;

(3) When the officer funded, directly or actively support an anti-social force, such as donating a convenience, and cooperation or involve in the operation for an anti-social force;

(4) When the officer has a relationship with an anti-social force that should be socially condemned.

8 This consortium shall have following officers:

(1) President: one

(2) Vice-Presidents: a few

9-1 Officers shall be elected from among the members at the General Assembly.

9-2 The President shall represent the consortium and supervise affairs thereof.

9-3 The Vice-Presidents shall assist the President and act on their behalf when the President is unable to carry out his duties.

9-4 The officers’ tenure of office shall be two years, provided that officers shall not be prevented from being reappointed.

9-5 Officers who intend to resign shall notify the President beforehand.

9-6 Officers who have withdrawn pursuant to article 7-2 of these Articles of Association and who have been unable to perform their duties due to decease or mental or physical disorder shall be removed.

9-7 Even when officers have resigned from their posts or when their tenure of office has expired, they shall continue to perform their duties until their successors are elected.

10 Officers can acquire no rewards.

11-1 The General Assembly shall be convened by the President and comprised of members.

11-2 The ordinary meeting of the General Assembly shall be held once each year in general, and the extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly shall be held when deemed necessary by the President.

11-3 Meetings of the General Assembly may be held in writing, by electronic mail, or on online meeting as necessary.

11-4 Meetings of the General Assembly shall be deemed official when a majority of the ordinary members are present.

11-5 Members that cannot attend any meeting of the General Assembly may delegate their rights to the chairman of the General Assembly or another members, in which case the ordinary member shall be deemed present at the meeting of the General Assembly.

11-6 The President shall act as the chairman of the General Assembly.

11-7 A resolution of the General Assembly shall be declared with the approval of a majority of members present at the meeting thereof, and, in the case of a tie, the chairman of the General Assembly shall have the casting vote.

11-8 The General Assembly shall resolve the following items in addition to the items laid down separately in these Articles of Association:

(1) Amendment to these Articles of Association;

(2) Business plans;

(3) Business reports;

(4) Any other important matters related to the administration of this consortium.

12-1 Committees may be established subject to a resolution of the General Assembly when they are deemed necessary for the operation of the business of this consortium.

12-2 The organization and assignments of the committees shall be determined separately.

12-3 The committees shall be comprised of members that desire to participate in them.

12-4 The chairmen of the respective committees shall be appointed by the President from among the members.

12-5 Matters necessary to the administration of the committees shall be determined by the respective committees.

12-6 From article 9-5 to 9-7 shall apply mutatis mutandis to committees.

13 This consortium shall have a secretariat appointed by the president to handle its affairs.

This Articles of Association shall be enforced effective from the date of establishment (December 18, 2020).


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