Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium

Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium

If you would like to join the Consortium, please check the contents of the following link for membership information and inform us by e-mail.

Points to keep in mind when applying

About membership types

There are three types of membership: Ordinary member, Individual Members, and Special Members.

  • Ordinary member: A corporation or organization (except Special Members);
  • Individual Members: Academics or researchers;
  • Special Members: Ministries, local government, or organization and individual deemed particularly necessary to the performance of business thereof by the president of the consortium.
About the committee and subcommittee you wish to register

The Consortium consists of several committees and subcommittees. If you wish to participate in each committee or subcommittee, please select the committee or subcommittee you wish to participate in. The secretariat will send you an invitation before the meeting.

Revision of registered information

If you have any corrections to the information you have entered in the membership application form, please contact us at the email address below.

*If your email software does not start up, please contact us at with the necessary information. To prevent spam email, "@" is converted to "_atmark_". Please change "_atmark_" to "@" when you send emails.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

[Q] Will there be a fee for membership?
[A] For the time being, membership fees for the consortium and committees are free of charge, but we will inform you if there is to be a charge.
[Q] How long can I apply for each committee?
[A] We accept applications and requests to change the regestered information at any time.
[Q] What is the Consortium's schedule for the future?
[A] The information of date and time of each general meeting will be posted on Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium website. If you have already applied for membership, we will inform you via your registered email address.
[Q] If we would like to register more than one person as a corporation for general membership, do we need to apply for membership for each of them?
[A] Even if more than one person from the same company would like to join, we ask that each person register as a member.

Contact address

B5G Consortium Secretariat (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications)