White Paper

The White Paper Subcommittee has considered Beyond 5G, which is expected to be commercialized around 2030, assuming future daily life of users and a wide range of usage scenarios that span many industries. Through this study with various perspective, we examined the requirements that a communication system as a social infrastructure should have. We also considered Beyond 5G key concepts, network requirements, capabilities, architectures, and key technologies based on usage scenarios and future technology.

Based on these studies, this white paper summarizes issues and expectations from each industry for Beyond 5G, capabilities required for Beyond 5G, and technological trends, etc.

White Paper Version3.0 has released on March, 2024.

Beyond 5G White Paper Supplementary (Released in March 2024)

Open RAN Promotion Subcommittee Activity Report

The Open RAN Promotion Subcommittee aims to share information and discuss among a wide range of domestic and international stakeholders on the spread and deployment of open base stations in Japan and overseas, and the use of test centers and other facilities to verify the interoperability of open base stations. The Subcommittee is active for the purpose of information sharing and discussion among a wide range of domestic and international parties concerned.

Based on these activities and discussions, this activity report summarizes the initiatives of each company, their sense of the issues, and their studies and discussions on measures for full-scale introduction into the commercial network.

The Open RAN Promotion Subcommittee Activity Report 2.0 was released in March 2024.